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Lending Automation. Workflow Management

//Develop Products// //Service & Collect// //Connect// //Acquire Cutomers// //Bank and Lend//

A Digital Bank Is Software.

Digital Banks bridge the “back office” / “front office” divide. Both front and back are unified around the seamless consumption and delivery of services across the enterprise by all users and stakeholders. Digital Banking Platforms must support the building of products, integration of those products across multiple channels and 3rd party services and the deployment of core functions to animate transactions.   It must all be done securely.

Full Spectrum  Lending For The Digital Age

Power, Beauty and Value are finally brought together in an integrated package. Scalable and usable by any lender of any size.  Localized to your country of operations and fully flexible to manage granular user access and permissions. Support the entire end to end lending process from Origination to Reporting and everything between.  Optimize processes on the fly with workflows and rules you can build without ’techies’.

Originate Autonomously. Service Elegantly.

Does your application process allow applicants to apply online and automatically receive approval for a new account or product?  Can your customers initiate and complete activities required for a wide variety of account origination services? Can they return and securely manage their relationship with you?

We allow you to sit back and simply welcome them into your family of customers.  If they forgot something you asked for,  they’ll get an email reminder so they can click-in and submit documents.  Of course,  it all comes together seamlessly and in real-time inside the Platforms.

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

We can integrate our services into the larger global banking ecosystem and deliver the full promise and power of digital.  Our services can be consumed from our Cloud or you can have Hosted Solutions* on your premises or in a Private Cloud.

We’ll reduce your implementation risk, lower your costs and meet your GO LIVE target.  You will have fewer Devs to pay and manage.

Discuss your implementation challenges with us?

*conditions and requirements apply.

Trusted globally in 170 currencies and 34 languages

LoanCirrus is Global and Local
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