LoanCirrus - Microfinance | Supporting Microlenders Globally

We Make Microfinance Personal and Fun.

Our Digital Lending Platform brings you closer to your borrowers. Tools that provide more services digitally from your Websites.  In your Branches, our software allows you to have more face time when it matters most. Less paper-pushing and more hand-holding with smiles.

Everything In One Platform

No fussy modules to integrate.

Onboard & Nurture Customers

Small Lenders are supported with features you need to get started with the least amount of capital out of pocket.

Process Loan Applications

Custom processes with rules and permissions at any step. Automate processing and decisioning . Reduce time to decision.

Service Booked Loans

From quick short-term loans to decades-long mortgages we keep things in order. Notifications triggered by events and more.

Intelligence & Reporting

Improvement requires knowledge. Easily share reports with your team. Test & practice in your very own Sandbox.

We Serve...

LoanCirrus is Global and Local
Certified & Secured by Our Partners

Our Work With Microlenders

We are truly about the ‘service’ of software.  Our services include: LoanCirrus software platform, deep integrations into the global lending ecosystems, custom development work and ongoing digital transformation support. 

Our core systems provide you with peace of mind. While you focus on your customers we ensure that all your technology processes are being followed; rules and limits enforced, systems remain online, resilient and redundant infrastructure.

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