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Inspiring ways some of our customers use REACH as their Online Channel Platform
Love Lenders Who...
  • Allow them to push documents directly.
  • Are open around the clock.
  • Send quick reminders about documents they forget.
  • Let them check balances and transactions online.
Love Customers Who...
  • Access multiple services online.
  • Apply for loans online.
  • Make repayments online.
  • Update profiles online.

Cool ways you can use REACH to do more with YOUR customers.


Custom App Flows

Create custom loan application pages for each of your loan products. Only ask for what’s relevant to each and build custom processes around them.

Blockchain Ready

Interested in Cryptocurrency lending? Use Crypto as collateral for loans. REACH has native connections to the Bitcoin markets. 


Create customer self-service tools and make them available to borrowers: Balance Inquiry, Real-Time Loan Application Status & More.


White label REACH and offer online services to partners and affiliates. Use your own custom domain and keep your brand top of mind.

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

"We needed a partner who could integrate into our lending ecosystem here in Canada. LoanCirrus delivered a fully connected infrastructure - bank verification, payments processing, online on-boarding and much more. "
"LoanCirrus is our technology partner - providing our core lending platform, payments management and other custom solutions. We have grown exponentially with LoanCirrus and they've been a huge part of the reason."
"Our fully digital process is made entirely possible by LoanCirrus. We waited for them to complete their business lending module - it was worth it!"

News & Updates

Get updated with the latest articles from our Blog.  Tips  to  help you build, run and grow a lending business.

Stop Taking Money From Strangers…

As we grow our customer base here at LoanCirrus, we find it necessary to gain deeper insights into whom we are serving. It’s tempting to use the most natural generalization of our customers: ‘we serve lenders’. Many of you who

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How To Collect (more of) Your Money

How do you collect more of the money you lend? Everybody who borrows from you intends to pay you back. Some simply don’t.  The idea is not to eliminate delinquent borrowers. It’s impossible so any attempt is futile. The idea

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OK, Back To The Basics.

The Basics   Now is not really a great time for FUNDAMENTALS.  Things like ‘facts and substance’ are often viewed as getting in the way of vision, creativity and growth. But guess what? Knowing what you are doing is still

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Answers to Common Questions

How Much does reach cost?

REACH pricing is fixed monthly at US$230 per secure domain.  Annual prepayments attract a 14% discount $2,400 per year.

Is it just a website?

No. It’s much more than a website. It manages all your content for your online channel. That means you can build content and deploy it across your online presence. The content and services are fully integrated into LoanCirrus.

Can you help connect and integrate reach ?

Yes.  We help many of our customers customize, extend and integrate REACH into external services.  Pricing is based on scope, complexity and work effort. We are usually a little pricier than an average developer but you’ll save in speed and management. Contact for a quote.

how does your white label program work?

First, you must be an actual LoanCirrus customer. REACH does not work outside of LoanCirrus. Just let us know of your interest and we’ll scope and and get in touch. 

How can I start using reach?

After setting up billing, access REACH from inside your Administrative Settings panel and visit the “Integrations Marketplace” then select REACH.  

can i use my existing website?

Yes, you can. We allow you to import your current HTML and CSS into REACH so that most of your current web content can be reused.

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