PayCirrus Payment Platform

Lots of collection points. Zero visibility?

Yes,  PayCirrus can programmatically pick up your customer's payment from a payment partner location and route it to its desired location in LoanCirrus or elsewhere. 

But where we really shine is that PayCirrus will monitor, track and provide real-time reporting for any payment collected from any location.  Our smart dashboard lets you see payments as  they are collected and being routed.  Does a payment need to be corrected in mid flight?  No problem.  Smart routing instructions can be modified at any time.

Unifying Payments

Lots of collection points. Zero Visibility

  • Collect more of your money

  • Reduce collection and processing costs

  • Get paid faster 24/7

  • Digitize & automate payment collections

  • Autonomously manage your collections processes

  • Seamlessly track and manage payments across collection points

Collect More of Your Money from more places

24/7 real-time visibility into all payments from anywhere

Customers Make Payments

Your customers make payments at your payment partner location or online.


PayCirrus means you're open 24-7. Payments flow in and you see them at anytime.

Easy Reconciliations

Payments brought under control with a View.


Encrypted with bank grade technology