Intelligent Origination

Let customers do more, from more places.

Some things are changing but many things remain the same.  Customers always wanted more convenience. They always wanted more flexibility. They always wanted more empowerment.

Express your unique difference...intelligently.

Origination is really about imagination.  We'll help you imagine better ways your customers can engage with your brand online.

Building blocks of Origination - Foundation for growth

You're Now really Open

Be open when customers need you. Be available at anytime. Reduce processing times.

Flawless Digital Client Experience

Create an easy-to-use interface with friction-free onboarding. Create and manage your users' journey and experience.

Scale & Automate

Be personal at scale with smart workflows and automation. One size no longer works for everyone.

Reach & be Reached

Anticipate borrowers' needs. Effectively address their concerns. Give them the freedom to self-serve whenever, wherever.

Know Your Customer

Remain compliant while collecting borrower information. Use information to validate and verify.

Betterment. Tracked.

Know just when to pivot. Know when to lean forward. Know when to hold firm.

Start Acquiring More Customers

without friction, without hassles, without long term lock-ins.

What is Origination Intelligence?

When doing business online, borrowers want a flawless experience.  From easy-to-use secure interfaces to thoughtful features designed so your borrowers get better access to services.

Our customisable software ensures that the client-onboarding process is seamless. We call it REACH because it also helps your customers reach more of your services.  Fueling your acquisitions is good but customer retention is the sure way to grow.  With REACH you can do both.