LoanCirrus gives you the control to automate as much or as little of your lending business as needed in your industry.

Digital Banks Run on Automation

Digital banks understand that banking is fully enabled by technology. The bank IS the technology.

LoanCirrus is the highly automated intelligent lending software allows you to create any lending product, define processing rules, documents security and compliance.

Ask about BankCirrus, all the features of a full digital banking platform to manage demand deposit accounts.

Microfinance Runs on Low Cost

Microfinance Institutions need a good lending platform that is easy to use, affordable, and quick to get started.

LoanCirrus is used by Microfinance businesses around the world to grow smart loan origination, loan application processing, automated loan servicing and so much more.

LoanCirrus is the highly automated intelligent software to help lower your portfolio at risk and increase your collections rate.

Credit Unions Run on Flexibility

Credit Unions balance lending and deposits so they need flexibility in order preserve the value members seek and deserve.

LoanCirrus has a built in CRM to keep your membership organised. Our REACH Customer Facing Platform can help more members connect with you and allow you to service more members.

Retail Lending Control

If your retail business handles big ticket items, you should also be offering credit to your customers.

Consumer finance lending is an income stream that could be the deciding factor between a customer choosing your business over a competitor.

LoanCirrus supports Retail Point of Sale (POS) lending.

Mortgage Lending Supported & Simplified

Complex mortgage lending regulations require automated processes to ensure legal compliance. Documents management is critical and variations can be confusing. Errors are expensive.

Simplify the process for your borrowers so you can increase your share of the multi-billion mortgage market.

LoanCirrus can automate as much or as little of your mortgage lending business as needed.


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