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Integrated Digital Solutions For Better Digital Banking

Acquire Customers

Your everyday tasks feel light. More time with Borrowers, less time with paper and spreadsheets. Your Borrowers can even connect with you from your website and share information with LoanCirrus.

In-Branch Onboarding

Give Users permission to create Customers. Define requirements so you meet “Know Your Customer” (KYC) obligations. Add as many non-standard information as you need with our Custom Field feature. Extend and integrate with other solutions and bring in customers from 3rd party sources.


Online Onboarding

Customers like the convenience of onboarding themselves from your online portal / website. The integration with both LoanCirrus and BankCirrus provides real-time, instantaneous information sharing. Customers can apply, re-apply for products, see current status of product applications.

Develop Products Customers Need

Nimble product development drives digital banking. Create any lending or deposit products at anytime.

Build Lending Products

Flexible and powerful. Tons of options – multiple amortization engines. Solve for installment amount, tenure or interest rate. Every option allows you to customize and define how a lending product should function. You can even define the message a borrower should receive based on the product they have with you.

Build Deposit Products

Serve your customers with imaginative and innovative savings products. Target micro-segments such as “savings for millenials” – age-fence your product for better targeting. Incorporate dynamic scoring into your product offering.

Banking & Lending

Inject your Process into LoanCirrus. Build Custom Process Rules. Penalty and Fees Management. Event-driven email and SMS communications. Custom Report Builder. One-Click to Send Loan Statements. Bailiff and Debt Collector Integration. Copy last borrower financials to use in new loans…and so much more.



Core Banking

Core banking means your customers get a digital core with process controls and robust fees, penalties, overdrafts, interest calculation and documents management.

Retail Lending

Borrowing will continue to be one of the main ways banks provide value to customers.  Other non-bank lenders are key to meeting the full range of need. So, we specialize in providing the tools lenders need to do better lending.

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