Our highest priority is to secure your customer data. DATA SECURITY & COMPLIANCE

Our Internal Data Policy

You inherit world leading data security from AWS, LoanCirrus also adheres to global best practices in the localized security and management protocols of the business and our personnel.

Data Security Policy

Escrow & Business Continuity

We place our software code in Escrow. If something bad happens, our code gets turned over to you. There's a small fee for this peace of mind and it's well worth it.

Our Escrow Partner

Our Internal Privacy Policy

Privacy is about control, access, flexibility and security. It's also about common sense. Your customers don't expect you to use their information in ways they did not authorize. We take that seriously on every level.

Privacy Policy GDPR Policy


In your environment where you control all aspects of infrastructure and database management or in a secure cloud environment. Isolated from everyone else or shared? We support whichever deployment use case meets with your risk profile and comfort level.

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We're sure you have more questions. Perhaps, you need to bring your "tech" team into the review process. Take a look at our security Q&A.

Data Q&A

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