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Credit Unions Can Lower Costs and Run Leaner. Give Customers a Better Experience.

BankCirrus® unifies Credit Union  Lending and Savings.  Automate both with Full Online Integration – Automate Account Opening and Servicing. 

Automate & Save.

Some things shouldn’t be automated. Everything else can be. Imagine a better process, a more seamless way to manage all the documents you handle. 

Imagine customers self-serving themselves to your products and services even while your branches are closed. 

Automation means savings – for you and especially savings for your customers.  Less waiting, fewer calls to check on application status, fewer office visits and faster service. 


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Lower Risk & Grow.

BankCirrus® helps you collect more of your money. Automate repayments processing and remove payment friction. 

Score customers as they are onboarded, connect to your local credit bureaus and blend their scores with your own. 

Compliance requires integrations. Know Your Customer (KYC), validate and verify.

Process controls that you ‘set and forget’ keep  everything running smoothly and securely. 


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Lead with Lending.

Your customers can only save money if they can meet their life goals and aspirations. 

Your lending products are designed to help them live better lives.  

We support your savings by making sure you can lend efficiently. 

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Others We've Helped

"We needed a partner who could integrate into our lending ecosystem here in Canada. LoanCirrus delivered a fully connected infrastructure - bank verification, payments processing, online on-boarding and much more. "
"LoanCirrus is our technology partner - providing our core lending platform, payments management and other custom solutions. We have grown exponentially with LoanCirrus and they've been a huge part of the reason."
"Our fully digital process is made entirely possible by LoanCirrus. We waited for them to complete their business lending module - it was worth it!"


We are Cloud by default but you can choose how BankCirrus® is deployed in your Credit Union. Options to put you at ease.


Limitless growth. The Platform will allow you to grow without limits. No user limit. No deposit account limits. No loan limits.


Intelligence means you have the tools to get better. Data and knowledge at your fingertips. Easily share with anyone.

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