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Imagine being able to:

Save small businesses

Be a lender that makes a difference. By extending credit to customers who aren’t a match for conventional lenders, Microfinanciers allow borrowers to invest in income-generating activities, allowing lower-income clients to accumulate assets. Microfinance can alleviate poverty.

Develop products customers need

Be a proactive lender — stay ahead of the game with innovative products.

Target micro-segments

Want to get more customers who are small business owners? How about recent graduates or newcomers? The agility of LoanCirrus allows lenders to be as hyper-targeted as they’d like to be.

Determine credit worthiness using non-traditional data

Be digital savvy in ways that traditional lenders aren’t able to. Use borrow data such as daily spending habits to determine creditworthiness. Become a preferred digital lender and attract and retain borrowers who want traditional financing alternatives.

Innovate your payment experience

Ensure that your customers are able to access your site and complete repayments on the go using a myriad of technology tools

Develop omnichannel programs

Quickly gain valuable information with software that is robust and flexible to meet your needs. Borrowers are attracted to lenders who digitally adapt and can service their growing needs. Imagine being able to create products that directly speak to millennials who still live at home or a small online retailer that wants to compete with enterprise-level businesses.

Easily create financial projections

LoanCirrus’s highly intuitive algorithms provide instant solutions to lenders. See your entire lending business at a glance. Create, monitor, and achieve YTD targets with ease.

Never hire a consultant again

Some lenders spend between $2,500–$3,500 per month on training and consultancy services. What would you do to remove those fees as a line item on your budget? You don't have to fantasize — this is a reality of life with LoanCirrus.