Banks & Credit Unions

Acquire more leads.

Information is king, so imagine yourself as royalty. Silo-based business applications only work to stymie growth and build long-lasting relationships. In an era dominated by smartphones and a non-reliance on brick and mortar banks, feel confident in your client interactions. Use software that offers, among other things, risk management, business insight, know your client (KYC), and master data management (MDM) systems all in one place. Imagine what your business would be, were you able to manage outreach, client relationships, onboarding, and service with a few clicks. Don’t imagine it. Make it a reality!

How We Fuel Retail Bank Lending

Enhance security.

Invest in intelligent software that can:

  • Quickly identify deviations from the norm across multiple channels
  • Analyze multiple transactions and applications at the same time with nimbleness and agility
  • Provide a better customer experience by delivering high detection accuracy with fewer false positives.

Many of the solutions utilized within retail banking examine events in isolation or rely on historical patterns to predict future risk. This model is reactive, archaic, and inconvenient. Imagine using this system to combat bots?

Intelligent software takes between 12 to 18 months to double its capabilities. Significantly grow your business in this time-frame without the fear of security risk and loss of client confidence. The LoanCirrus ecosystem has a top-level security infrastructure that will permit you to thrive, function, and protect all your clients' information.

Deepen client relationships with transparency and regular communication about privacy, security, and system enhancing updates.